Unique Charleston Tours

Unique Charleston ToursBecause of Charleston's geographical location, it was one of the key points in our nation's Civil War. That built-in historical significance to this beautiful city attracts many visitors to the area every year who want to learn more about the events and the places that played a role in what many consider to be our country's most turbulent time. Additionally, the natural beauty of the area, with the beaches, foliage and gardens call for a closer look as well. Since history and nature are two of Charleston's most obvious attractions, taking a specialized tour to get a closer look makes perfect sense.

Charleston Tea Party Walking Tour
Going on a specialized tour is always a great way to get up close and personal to various sites and attractions, but you can get even closer with the Charleston Tea Party Walking Tour. This is a guided, two hour walk-through of Charleston's Historic District that visits many of the city's key historical sites. The guides have extensive knowledge of the city's history, as well as significant art and literary references to give you a more dimensional picture of how history has resonated over time. The tour ends with a nice cup of tea and an informal question and answer session with your guide.

Address: 198 King Street, King's Courtyard Inn, Charleston, SC 29401 - MAP
Phone: (846) 577-5896
Web: www.charlestontour.wordpress.com

Schooner Pride
Set sail for a truly memorable tour of Charleston that combines both the historical drama and the natural beauty of the area. Your vantage point for the tour won't hurt, either, as you will be seeing it all from aboard the Schooner Pride. See historic sites and wildlife from this impressive sailing vessel, and the knowledgeable crew will even let you sail the ship for a while!

Address: 360 Concord Street, Aquarium Wharf, Charleston, SC 29401 - MAP
Phone: (843) 722-1112
Web: www.schoonerpride.com

Gullah Tour
History takes on different dimensions when told from a different perspective. The Gullah Tours attempts to bring you history from the bottom up, as Alphonso Brown's Gullah Tour recounts the details of the stories, places and contributions significant to Charleston's history that were made by the native African American population. It is truly a dramatic story that unfolds over the course of this fascinating tour.

Address: 6119, 2 Radcliffe St, Charleston, SC 29403 - MAP
Phone: (843) 478-0000
Web: gullahgullah.tours

Middleton Place
Taking a tour of Middleton Place will not only offer you a chance to see what is recognized as the oldest landscaped garden in the country, you'll also take in some historically dramatic scenes as well. While the original structures that stood here were burned during Sherman's raid, there is a wing from the original structure that is still standing and dates back to 1755. Also, don't forget to take your cameras, as you will want to capture the breathtaking azaleas, magnolias, crepe myrtles and roses that have inhabited the centuries-old garden.

Address: 4300 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29414 - MAP
Phone: (843) 556-6020
Web: www.middletonplace.org

Tour Charleston, LLC
Tour Charleston, LLC has worked hard to maintain its excellent reputation as being the city's premiere tour company. It offers several themed tours that include "The Pirates of Charleston," "The Story of Charleston" and the highly popular "The Ghosts of Charleston." Expert guides and frequent tours assure that your experience with Tour Charleston is a truly memorable, entertaining and educational one, no matter what tour you choose to take.

Address: 184 East Bay Street, Suite 302, Charleston, SC 29401 - MAP
Phone: (843) 723-1670
Web: www.tourcharleston.com

Old South Carriage Company
History is everywhere in Charleston, and seeing some of the city's most historic sites from a horse-drawn carriage is what the Old South Carriage Company specializes in! Their knowledgeable guides will point out all of the significant sites on your relaxing, horse-drawn carriage tour. Plus, you can revel in the fact that most of the historical figures you'll be learning about were transported around town the same way you are on this tour!

Address: 14 Anson Street, Charleston, SC 29401 - MAP
Phone: (843) 723-9712
Web: www.oldsouthcarriage.com