Romantic Date Ideas in Charleston

Romantic Date Ideas in CharlestonIf you and your significant other have been feeling like your separate schedules have been pulling the two of you further apart lately, maybe it's time to make the effort to get closer by planning a very special romantic date. You don't have to go far to find a romantic beach rendezvous, an evening at the ballet or maybe just a special dinner engagement. But whatever it is that you decide for the two of you, keep in mind that any of these great romantic date ideas will fit into even the busiest of schedules, so there's no excuse for not reigniting that romantic spark!

Kiawah Island
Charleston's Kiawah Island has been consistently ranked as one of the nation's top beaches. Whether you're visiting for a day or on vacation for a week, you'll waste no time finding your place in the sun on these pristine sands or in the inviting surf. The beach stretches out nearly 10 miles, and within the area you'll also find golf courses and historic plantations, among other outdoor attractions. But no matter how many great things there are to see, you'll find yourself returning to Kiawah Island's unforgettable beaches again and again.

Address: Kiawah Island, SC 29455 - MAP
Phone: (843) 768-9166

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Walking hand in hand through the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is not only like stepping back in history, it's a truly picturesque, romantic moment that the two of you will always cherish. The immaculately maintained foliage and grounds are the perfect background against which the two of you can share an intimate conversation or sit on a bench along the walkway and take in the unmistakable beauty without feeling rushed or crowded. And while there are several other attractions at Magnolia like the petting zoo, the main house or the boat tour, it will be your time in the garden that the two of you will remember the most fondly.

Address: 3550 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29414 - MAP
Phone: (843) 571-1266

Gibbes Museum of Art
To illustrate the point that the love you share is a work of art, a walk through the Gibbes Museum of Art will only make that reality all the more dramatic. As the two of you stroll hand in hand from gallery to gallery, you'll marvel at the impressive collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th century paintings as well as works on paper, miniature portraits and sculpture that are nothing less than awe-inspiring. Take the time to see all the exhibits, and when you're nearly done, sit on a cushioned bench as the two of you reflect on the beauty that's all around you on this romantic, art-filled excursion.

Address: 135 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC - MAP
Phone: (843) 722-2706

Drayton Hall
Drayton Hall is more than a house, in the same way that your relationship with your partner is more than a relationship. This historic structure is a dramatic symbol of survival. Having weathered everything from the American Revolution to the Civil War to the earthquake of 1886 to Hurricane Hugo, it's clear that this house symbolizes strength in the face of any adversity. The grounds represent one of the most historic, undisturbed landscapes in American history, as Drayton Hall is kept not in the way that we imagined it to be, but in the way that it really was over one hundred years ago. It's a dramatically appropriate destination for a romantic walk through the grounds, and if the two of you prefer, you can be a part of a group tour or take in any of the special presentations that are scheduled at various times.

Address: 3380 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29414 - MAP
Phone: (843) 769-2600

Historic Charleston Foundation
If the two of you are grappling with tight schedules, maybe a visit to the Historic Charleston Foundation will be like taking a romantic trip together back in time. Established in1947, this is a nonprofit organization that strives to preserve the historical, architectural and material culture that make up Charleston's heritage. The efforts of this organization help to continue to operate such visually and historically significant sites as the Aiken-Rhett House and the Nathaniel Russell House, as well as provide programs that highlight the area's history. You and your date will not only learn about some of Charleston's interesting past but also embrace the future tighter with renewed enthusiasm.

Address: 108 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401 - MAP
Phone: (843) 723-1623

Charleston Symphony Orchestra
If the two of you enjoy getting dressed up for an evening out but don't really know where to go after you're done with dinner, choose to make it a classic evening by taking in one of the many performances presented by the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. This highly talented group of musicians works hard year round to bring their best musical interpretations to life. Their versatility ranges from excellent performances of masterworks, pops, chamber orchestra pieces and much more. So get your tickets and get set for an evening filled with music that will be the perfect soundtrack for your romantic time together.

Address: 2133 N Hillside Dr, Charleston, SC 29407 - MAP
Phone: (843) 723-7528